I am a self-taught photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. I graduated as an economist, but later took design, art history, contemporary photography courses at Saint Petersburg State Hermitage Museum, at FotoDepartament, and some others, and finally photography turned out to be a full-time occupation. 

Introversion, silence and hovering over the moment are the key elements of my photography. I feel a special kinship to a “hidden” motive, when someone takes more observant look in an effort to unveil the unseen.


2018 - победитель конкурса The New York Center for Photographic Art 

2015 - шорт-лист Sony World Photography Awards – Professional Competition, Conceptual Category.

2015 - I место Black and White by Digital Photo

2014 - финалист Photolucida Critical Mass 2014

2014 - Gold at One Eyeland Awards 2014

2014 - III Фотобиеннале в Русском музее

2014 - First Prize in the Prix de la Photographie Paris in category Fine Art, Second Prize in category Book Proposal, Third Prize in category Fine Art

2014 - 2 место в категории Places конкурса International Photography Awards One World in One Shot

2014 - American Art Awards, 2 место в категории Nonmanipulated Photo - Human

2014 - 3 место в категории "Природа в ч/б тонах" конкурса "Дикая природа России" National Geographic


Art Ascent Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, National Geographic

Интервью для World Photography Organisation: https://www.worldphoto.org/blogs/17-10-17/7-images-will-transport-you-strange-dreamworld